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Mash-up Review – Army of Two: The 40th Day

The assembled game critics team-up to take on EA’s latest co-op shooter Army of Two: The 40th Day in our Mash-up Review.

Salem and Rios teach us an important lesson about friendship as they make their way through decreasingly scenic, increasingly war-torn Shanghai, adding their bullet-holes and shrapnel to a situation that’s quickly getting out of hand. Only by relying on their greatest resource – each other – can they hope to survive.



Widescreen Game Wallpapers Edition 1

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Alienware announced the first 11-inch powerful gaming laptop

The Alienware has just announced the most portable gaming laptop ever. The 11-inch Alienware M11X will pack a powerful Intel Core2Duo processor (unknown at this stage), DDR3 RAM, and a NVIDIA 335M graphic processor with 1GB DDR3 video memory.


Is this is what DirectX 11 Games will look like??

If this is what DirectX 11 games will look like, then I can’t wait for them!!!!!! Don’t forget to press the HD button.

Is Acer Aspire 8942G-728G1280TWN what gamers dream of?

Acer are obviously prepping a new gaming laptop. The new monster will come with an 1.6 GHz Intel i7 quad-core processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM and AMD HD5850 video with 1GB GDDR5 – all that promises full DirectX 11 support.


Upcoming DirectX 11 Games To Look Forward To

Now that Windows 7 has officially been launched, Direct X 11 games aren’t far behind. In fact there are already a few DX 11 compliant games available in the market today and the coming months will see many more. Today we’ll check out some of the more interesting upcoming DX11 games :


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