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27-Megapixel Saturn Panoramic Image Makes Perfect Widescreen Desktop Background

Time picked this deliciously crispy photo as one of the images of the year, revealing Saturn’s ring bumps as high as the Rocky Mountains.

I’m not surprised, because it’s a truly unique moment, one that happens at Saturn’s equinox, which is an event that only happens twice in 10,179 Earth days. And this time, we had Cassini there to take this amazing photo, just when the sun illuminates the rings edge-on. As Carolyn Porco—Cassini imaging team leader—puts it:

The geometry revealed structures and phenomena in the rings we had never seen before. We saw this famous adornment spring from two dimensions into three, with some ring structures soaring as high as the Rocky Mountains. It made me feel blessed.

The team used Cassini during a week to take photos of vertical clumps in the ring, and when the equinox happened, they could measure their true size looking at the shadows. According to NASA’s Bob Pappalardo at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

It’s like putting on 3-D glasses and seeing the third dimension for the first time. This is among the most important events Cassini has shown us.

Well, Bob and Carolyn, Carolyn and Bob and the rest of the Cassini team, all I can say is thank you for an amazing work, and the stunning desktop backgrounds in 2009.



How a High School Dropout Became the Youngest Boss at Apple

James Bach, a legend in the software-testing field, just published Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar, the tale of how he dropped out of school, became a self-taught games programmer, and scored a sweet gig at Apple—all before turning 21.


Try out the new Google Search UI

The rumors about Google’s redesign are true, and you can try it for yourself with a very simple method.